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At Brainbox we utilise a structured but personalised approach to preparing students for the 11+ exams. Students are in small groups (no larger than 4) which enables tutors to target help to children but unlike 1:1 tuition, it also allows children to compete with and learn from other high achieving children.

Our sessions focus on English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning.

English and Verbal Reasoning:

After an initial diagnostic test, each student's key area for development is prioritised, whether it is comprehension, verbal reasoning, vocabulary, grammar or creative writing. This is reinforced with regular homework and assessment.
Once all of these skills are mastered, the focus shifts to timing so that students are able to successfully complete all tasks within a time limit. Finally, we work on interview techniques, including discussions about current affairs. We aim to ensure that each student is fully prepared for every aspect of the application 11+ process.

Parents are advised to encourage their children to read fiction and non-fiction texts for at least 15-30 minutes every day, incorporating newspapers at least twice a week.

As a general rule, students most likely to excel in the 11+ exam are at least a year above their expected attainment in English, or exceeding expectations in their school reports. However, the skills taught in order to undertake the 11+ exam are valuable for any student, as it provides a solid foundation for KS3 and GCSE English.


Maths and Numerical Reasoning:

The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring research group (CEM 11+) use numerical reasoning to assess students in straight calculation questions and also worded, reasoning problems ie. They examine students’ problem solving skills and mathematical reasoning. The skills development and exam preparation is divided into:
1.    Core skills assessment
2.    Exam skills development

At Brainbox we aim to develop:

1.     Core syllabus knowledge
2.     Times tables
3.     Mental Maths
4.     Solving Worded Maths problems

Each pupil is provided with an individual educational plan to cater for the individual learning and development in the 4 listed Mathematical skills.
Pupils knowledge and understanding is reinforced with weekly homework and assessments to consolidate their learning and reasoning.
Pupils who develop excellent times tables and 4 operations skills in Year 3 and 4 generally do better in the 11+ exams. Tutors focus on improving pupils’ learning and to work quickly and accurately .

Brainbox provides regular feedback to parents and carers to achieve pupils’ expected progress levels in Numerical reasoning.

We also offer one-to-one sessions, so please get in touch for more details.

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