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  • Do you tutor adults?

    Yes we teach all ages in academic qualifications up to A Level. We tutor adults in adult only classes.

  • Are all tutors DBS checked?

    Yes, DBS checking is an essential part of our recruitment process.

  • In what subjects does Brainbox currently offer tutoring?

    We currently offer professional tuition in English, Maths, Russian and Mandarin.  However, we are in the process of increasing our capabilities and actively seeking to recruit tutors in other subjects.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of an hour long session is £25; each session lasts for 80 minutes.

  • Where is Brainbox located?

    Brainbox is located in Woodford Green, Essex.

  • My child lacks confidence how can you help?

    At Brainbox we believe that confidence is key to successful learning, as such, we do our best to ensure your child feels comfortable in the setting and with the tutor.  In addition, having access to a smaller and targeted learning enables children to increase their learning curve significantly.

  • I believe my child to be gifted how can you help him/her to progress?

    We have experience of teaching children who have been recognised as "gifted" or "talented" and endeavour to use teaching strategies and resources that ensure progression to a higher level.


  • My child has a recognised learning difficulty are you able to help?

    Yes, at Brainbox we have experience of teaching at all levels.  We will set achievable targets for your child and help them to find learning fun whilst gaining in confidence and broadening their knowledge.

  • Will my child's school be concerned that I am enrolling the help of private tutors?

    Most schools understand the pressures that children are now under to achieve those all important grades and fully support a parents' decision to seek addtional support.  On the rare occasion that a teacher may express concerns we are willing to address these directly and reassure them that we always work inline with the National Curriculum.

  • How will I know that my child is making progress?

    We will keep you informed of progress at the end of each session with brief verbal feedback. In addition, we are willing to provide more detailed feedback via appointment.

  • Who will be tutoring my child?

    All our tutors have teaching experience and are fully DBS checked.

  • Will my child be in class of children of a similar standard?

    We often group pupils with those of similar standard, however, we believe that on occasion a pupil may benefit in being in a class of mixed abilities.

  • Do many children in the UK receive private tuition?

    Yes, according to the latest survey conducted by Sutton Trust 44% of pupils living in London now receive private or home tuition.

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