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Special Needs

What are special educational needs?

Special educational needs (SEN) refers to children who have learning problems or disabilities which make it more difficult for a child to learn compared with most other children of the same age.

How can Brainbox help?

At Brainbox we have tutors who are qualified and prepared to help children with a range of needs including those with dyslexia, mild to server learning difficulties, and other behavioural issues.

Children make progress at different rates and have different prefered learning styles. Your Brainbox SEN tutor will take this into account when planning and preparing sessions for your child.

The tutor will choose appropriate ways to help your child learn from a range of activities. If your child is having particular problems in one area, the tutor will adapt their teaching method or change the lesson to suit the child's needs.

As with all our sessions at Brainbox, we offer a free introductory session or assessment first, so you and your child can decide whether or not tuition at Brainbox is right for you.