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Below are just a few of the testimonials we receive every day from Mums and Dads.

  • Sonni's maths has improved so much that it is no longer a lesson he dreads at school. Thank you Brainbox.

    Sonni's Mum
  • The tutoring is excellent, Bobby's written comprehension has improved tenfold since attending Brainbox. He actually enjoys lessons and is enthusiastic about attending.

    Bobby's Mum
  • My daughter has difficulty communicating, reading and writing, and struggles with simple maths. Since attending weekly lessons in English and Maths at Brainbox she has made so much progress. I would recommend Brainbox to anybody who is thinking of getting additional help and support with subjects their child is finding challenging or are struggling with - no matter what their age.

    Julia's Mum
  • My son has attended Brainbox for the last 9 months he has been studying English and Maths and Science His grades have been enhanced, and he is doing much better at school. The teaching staff are excellent and the support assistants fantastic they have worked with my son consistently over the school year and we have seen a difference. The work’s been personalised to his areas of weakness and targeted study in specific subjects have shown a marked improvement to his attitude to school work. Brainbox staff thank you so much.

    Lawrence's Mum

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