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AI Workshops for Teens

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence(AI) tech workshops introducing different mathematical and computational concepts at the foundations of AI.

Each one day workshop will be an AI project, focused on applications in Art, Voice Assistants, Game Design, Inclusive AI, Sports, and Wellbeing. 

Led by our practicing experts in AI, you will create a home of the future using AI, program an autonomous vehicle to avoid pedestrians and objects on the road, and use IBM Watson to build a series of AI models to create Art, Sports data analytics, your own specialized chatbot and a game with AI features. The possibilities are endless!

These workshops do more than teach the fundamentals of AI. They also explore issues of computer bias, ethics, and moral dilemmas programmers face when using AI. These are ideal workshops to spark interest in this important and dynamic technological field that will inspire students to continue their learning journey in AI.

AI is becoming an integral part of our lives, evolving and developing faster than we think. It’s being used in medicine to spot cancer cells, courtrooms to help determine the risk of criminals re-offending, as well as in art to create new art from analyzing music, images or social media. Discover how AI is being used right now!

Spaces are limited due to COVID safety rules.


This is a program designed for students 12-18 years of age with no prerequisites except being able to perform basic computer skills.

Whether they have done programming before, or are an absolute beginner, this course will work for them as your student will besupported in small class groups and offered  several options for the technology to use for their AI projects, from block based programming (Scratch, Snap!, AppInventor) to Python and Unity.

For most classes a basic laptop from the last 5 years will be sufficient. You will need to have your own device, chargers and adaptors due to COVID restrictions. . 


1 day workshops 

  AI in ART: Computer Vision


Students will be introduced to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and learn about its application in Art. This workshop is focusing on understanding fundamentals of classification, recognition and machine confidence in AI.


  • Understand what machine learning is
  • Be able to build a simple machine learning model for image recognition
  • Machine learning art project.

 AI Voice Assistant: Natural Language Processing


 Students will learn fundamentals of Natural    Language Processing (NLP) including lexical text parsing, cognitive linguistics and NLP algorithms. They will implement that to create a chatbot for a real life application.


  • Be able to build a natural language digital assistant.
  • Creating a chatbot with Google Assistant tools.

 AI in Games: Recommendation Systems


Students will learn how machine learning can be used to build a recommendations system. They will be introduced to the key coding and design concepts for game creation and learn to control their game using images, face recognition and pictures using classification models they built with AI.


Creating a game with AI features.

Inclusive AI: Ethics and Decisions


Students will delve into the ethical debates surrounding AI and gain an understanding of machine bias and confidence. They will be introduced to machine learning for decision making and learn about potential issues with the application of machine learning:  self-driving cars and bias in machine learning algorithms.


  • Be able to evaluate the impact of ethical considerations in the application of machine learning
  • Creating bias free AI in Python or in block-based programming language (Scratch, Snap!)

 AI for Sports: Big Data Analytics


This module introduces Big Data concepts and machine learning algorithms for data analysis. Students will understand the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning and will be able to apply basic machine learning algorithms to classify data for Sports and Wellbeing apps.


  • Visualization and analysis for Sports Data in Python.
  • Creating a personal wellbeing assistant app.

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