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LearnTech Kids Camps

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Join us for an adventure into the world of Artificial Intelligence and

Creative Technology!


LearnTech is run in partnership with Brainbox Education.  The engaging and interactive LearnTech programs are designed and delivered by Tech professionals.   

Our mission is to open up the exciting world of Emergent Technologies and Artificial Intelligence to Technology curious minds.  Our focus is not just coding but to also encourage design skills, imagination, and innovation.  

 We offer Creative Tech

and AI Camps for 8-12 year olds!

See the highlights from the Learntech Summer 2020 camp here:

Time and dates: TBC


Students will need to bring their own IPad/Laptop with a charger. 

Chrome browser should be installed. 

Students are required to have a Google account, all learning will be delivered through Google Classroom.


 Digital Story Telling using Scratch

Students use code to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging students to tell a unique story. Students will use Scratch to make their characters come alive!


  • Use imagination to develop a story
  • Be able to develop characters to fit in with the storyline
  • Begin to code the storyline using scratch

 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 

Students will be introduced to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and learn about its applications in Voice Assistants, Face recognition, Recommendation systems. Students gain an understanding of what is a machine learning algorithm and how AI impacts their lives. They review case studies and explore ethical issues raised by machine learning.


  • Students will build together an anti-bullying machine learning model 
  • Be able to build a simple machine learning model in Snap! - Machine Learning extension of Scratch.

App Development 

Students use critical thinking and innovation to design an app to solve a global problem. After completing the non-technical design work, students will then go on to create their app incorporating AI  features. 


  • Understand how technology can be used for good
  • Be able to plan and design an app project
  • Use Artificial intelligence in their app.
  • Create their very own app

  The course is designed to be fully inclusive and encourages students to think innovatively.  Throughout the course, we will be embedding Maths and English to ensure the skill sets are maintained ready for the start of school in September.  

Throughout the expert-designed course, students will:

● Explore cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the world around us.

● Learn by doing, by undertaking projects relevant to real life.

● Harness design thinking techniques to solve problems and build new ideas.

● Promote curiosity and imagination with respect to new technologies

Students graduate with:

·      ● A portfolio of completed tech projects to share with family and friends

·        A LearnTech certificate of module or a course completion

·        A discount on future LearnTech courses

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