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Creative Tech for 8-12 yrs old

This camp will spark curiosity in technology by its application of technology.

Each course is themed to ensure the students are fully immersed in the subject.  We will start by researching and developing an interest in the subject and end with a positive outcome.  The outcomes vary from creating a video to designing a game or app.  The courses are designed to be fully inclusive and encourages students to think innovatively.  Throughout the course, we will be embedding Maths and English.  

The courses are designed to be fun in order to captivate the class.

Spaces are limited due to COVID safety rules, register your interest now!


Students will need to bring their own IPad/Laptop with a charger

Students are required to have a Google account, all learning will be delivered through Google Classroom.

Each self-contained  course will be taught  within 2 days during school holidays, 10 am-15 pm.  


Courses Description

Course 1 Digital Story Telling


Students use code to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging students to tell a unique story. Students will use scratch to make their characters come alive!


  • Use imagination to develop a story
  • Be able to develop characters to fit in with the storyline
  • Begin to code the storyline using scratch

Course 2 Music Tech


Students play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display. The students will get creative with musical art using scratch.


  • Create a colourful collage by programming repeated patterns
  • Understand how develop background sound
  • To be able to incorporate characters to the music

Course 3 App Development


Students use critical thinking and innovation to design an app to solve a global problem. After completing the non-technical design work, students will then go on to create their app.


  • Understand how technology can be used for good
  • Be able to plan and design an app project
  • Begin to create their very own app

Course 4 Interactive Photography


Students express themselves using photography and give their photos a voice. The sessions allow students to be creative and imaginative in their world.


  • Be able to experiment with filters and colours using the Ipad camera
  • Make the images come to life
  • Use the images to tell a story and create a video

Course 5 My World In Augmented Reality


Students go on an exploration of their world using Google Earth and recognise the use of AR.


  • To become curious about the world around us.
  • Take part in virtual exploration
  • Learn about the vibrant world we live in

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